HAVE YOU BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH ASTHMA? Are you: between 18 and 65 years of age? Non-smoker? Does your asthma wake you up at night? Do you wheeze? Does your asthma limit your activities? You may be ELIGIBLE for an ASTHMA STUDY if you answered YES to all the above. The research study is using an investigational medication that is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). If you qualify, you will receive study medication and study related medical care at no cost. For more information, please call.

Mainland Medical Research Institute is actively seeking study subjects! CHILDHOOD and ADULT ASTHMA and COPD studies are under way. Future areas of interest include MIGRAINE, HYPERTENSION, and DIABETES. If you have any of these conditions and would like to participate in clinical trials, call the study coordinators, Dawn Belcher, RN or Paul Minang at 281-337-1512. You can be screened for ASTHMA, HYPERTENSION and COPD at no charge. Study patients can be from 4 to 75 years old.

Thanksgiving is almost here. Ragweed is still bothering fall allergy sufferers. Soon Mountain Cedar pollen will be blowing in with the northers. It has been a prolonged and bad fall allergy season. We can help! If taking over the counter medications have not worked and you are still congested or sneezing or your eyes are itching, call for an appointment.

Do SWELLING problems run in your family? There are medications to help hereditary swelling problems. If there are swelling problems that run in the family, you may have an enzyme deficiency that can be treated. Evaluation of swelling can be done at Mainland Allergy Clinic. Swelling, hives and allergic skin rashes are all treated at the Mainland Allergy Clinic. Call for an appointment for help with any of these disorders.

It is time for your flu shot! Annual flu shots are recommended for everyone! Asthma and allergy patients in particular need immunizations! Pertussis is on the rise and getting a Tdap is recommended for many people. Pneumonia vaccines are available for at risk patients. The Shingles shot is recommended for people over 50 years old. Vaccines are available at pharmacies and physician offices.

Ward Prentice, PA-C will be volunteering at Tuba City Regional Medical Center on the Native American reservation in Arizona December 2-6,2013. Dr. Andrew, Ward Prentice, PA-C and Paula Smith, LVN have been volunteering at the Allergy Clinic for Native Americans regularly for over nine years. They helped established the allergy clinic with Dr. Paul Moller and Kathy Morris, PA-C. Ellen Huminimptewa, RN has been an important liaison to keep the clinic functioning all year round. Dr. Terry Werner has stepped in to oversee the clinic as Dr. Moller has retired.

Know your eNO! We are now better able to determine the diagnosis of asthma or how well asthma is controlled by determining the amount of exhaled nitric oxide (eNO) in patients. Nitric Oxide (NO) is a chemical which is higher in the breath of asthma patients who have lung eosinophils (a type of allergy cell). It is a relatively inexpensive test that increasingly is covered by insurance. Call to set up an asthma evaluation!

Penicillin allergic? If you avoid penicillin antibiotics due to a question about personal allergy, it is possible to test for penicillin allergy and then challenge you to it if no tests are positive. If either of these tests are of benefit to you, call the clinic to set up an evaluation. It is also able to test for a limited selection of other medications. Call the clinic for an appointment if you have questions or concerns about taking aspirin or topical anesthetics.

The clinic will be closed Wednesday afternoon, November 27, Thursday, November 28 (Happy Thanksgiving!) and Friday, November 29. If you are going out of town for the holidays, bring all necessary medications with you! A soft, padded "lunch" bag is recommended to contain all chronic use medications. If flying, bring that bag with you in your carry on bags! Make sure the Epinephrine (Epipen or Auvi-Q) is not expired and you have it "on your person" if you are at risk for severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis). The clinic can provide a travel note for Epinephrine if requested.

Mainland Allergy Clinic is the office of Dr. Susan Andrew. Dr. Andrew has provided excellent allergy and immunology care for the greater Houston-Galveston area for over 20 years. There are two conveniently located offices with one located on the mainland in Galveston County and another in the Bellaire area of Houston.

Dr. Andrew, Ward Prentice, PA-C and staff at the Mainland Allergy Clinic are dedicated to providing allergy and immunology treatment to patients of all ages. Thorough and careful evaluations are undertaken in patient assessments to provide the best possible care. The most current therapies are available for treatment of allergic and immunologic conditions. Treatment plans are designed with individual patients in mind.

Dr. Andrew is board certified by the American Board of Allergy & Immunology as well as by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Andrew is actively involved in teaching and holds faculty positions at Baylor College of Medicine, the University of Texas Medical School Houston and the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. Dr. Andrew volunteers several times a year at Tuba City Regional Medical Center in Arizona at an allergy clinic she helped establish for Native Americans.

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